Little shop of horrors

Gulliver’s school production, it was really amazing! He plays lead guitar in the band and we didn’t see them at all, the band didn’t even come out and take a bow the end or get any applause or mention, I have told Mr Cragg the musical director that I expect them to come out for the next three nights and I will be there tomorrow and I expect to see my son take a bow!

It was a fabulous production, they have all worked so hard for such a long time and it really showed, I sat with Erin who is in red cast and will play Audrey tomorrow!

Went for a lovely walk in the park with Emma today with her dog Belle, other than that I just had general stuff to do, I am hounding Kingston college at the moment, I have a lot of mixed messages and different information from different members of staff about Zebedee’s learning support when he goes back to college in January and I am demanding a meeting and for the plans to be put in writing, it seems very difficult to get them all to actually speak to each other but I will!

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