Raisin The Hairless One

So great to have Krista and Dan here!  They arrived with The Hairless One in the morning.  After giving Raisin a few minutes to settle in, we left him at home and went to town for our usual Friday morning routine - breakfast at Barb's Buns (everything delicious as usual), recycling, and grocery shopping.  
The kids have both been working hard, so we had a relaxing day just hanging out.  Raisin explored every nook and cranny in the house, and I think he found places that I didn't even know existed!  I couldn't believe how inquisitive he was. He was on the go the whole time and enjoyed playing with his new toy (extra).  Not the best photos for sure, but it was impossible to get a photo of him sitting still.  It's good to have some photos of his first visit though!  I had lots of fun with him and his toy and playing hide-and-seek. 
I'm sure there will be photos of the kids in the next couple of days!  :)
Cat's Eyes

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