Heart Of Oak

I have photographed this youngish oak at Lodge Farm many times before but it has taken on special significance today on the eve of the one hundredth anniversary of the armistice of the Great War. English oak symbolises the resilience of our brave service personnel and is an icon in the countryside. 

Ollie dog and I very much appreciated our freedom to enjoy the open country today. We had it to ourselves.

PS Woken early by the torrential rain I've been wondering if this actually is an oak. This is as close as the public footpath gets to it. Not close enough to make out the shape of the leaves. We have two large oaks on our property. The old one has yellowy autumn leaves turning to brown and the younger one, though a large tree, is still green. On reflection I think the tree in my pic might be too gingery to be an oak and its boughs might not be heavy enough.  

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