Happy Birthday...


80 years old today and out on his bike with his mates, one who's 87.

You could say these are my oldest mates I have. When I joined a cycling club when I was about 8 or 9, these were the men I spent my social time with. They taught me what life is about, how to fix bikes on the side of the road and most importantly how to drink beer ;) They may have 40 years on me but I like spending time with them.

My dad sees a lot more of them than me as they normally meet up on a Thursday when I'm at work.

At 80 and above these gents have seen a lot more than me and would/did see the Second World War in all it's horror. They are great people and I'm glad I've had them in my life.

I saw a lot of churches and events going on today to mark the 100 years of armistice day and saw this lone wreath (see extra) in the grounds of Badger cemetery and thought it quite poignant and moving that he is not forgotten.

Whoever said cycling isn't a good thing can be disproved by this group.

Happy Birthday Bernard and thanks for the beer.


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