Marking Time

By Libra

A wet Sunday afternoon

What do you do on a wet,  Sunday afternoon in central Scotland?
Well, we went to our local cinema in Stirling to see “Widows”, a film about Chicago gangsters who got shot down and their wives take over to repay an outstanding debt.
Normally we avoid films that contain excessive violence but I lived in Chicago as an exchange student so I was curious to see this film.
Unfortunately there were very few outside locations I recognized.
It could have been anywhere.
As for the violence, if I had seen that film before going I doubt if I would have gone.
The nearest I came to guns was a morning accompanying a local in Chicago’s notorious   South Side for a video I was making and he said to me:” I need to buy a gun.”

Turned out he was referring to a staple gun.
The  subsequent video I made got heavily criticized by the School of the Art Institute. But I doubt if any of our all white tutors had ever ventured down to the South Side.

Link: The Wood Lot, Chicago
Film trailer: Widows

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