Near and Far

These cheap spectacles are to see NEAR objects and read in bed. (My posh varifocals are for out and about).

Mr B making soup now. With 7 ingredients. He asked me to guess them. We had potatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, stock from yesterdays french beans - so guessed those. The 7th is canned cannellini beans. That’s lunch sorted. And for dinner he’s planning penne with his ‘signature’ tomato sauce and my favourite addition of green olives. With cold broccolli, lemon and garlic dressing.

Staying home again, until I’m over the lurgy. Don’t feel too bad at the moment, but a bit up and down. Oh well, plenty of mags and papers to read. Not bored. Just frustrated.

Thanks Chris for hosting Mono Monday this month with the theme ‘NEAR’

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