Close companion - in TINY pieces

Expect you can all work out what this is???
Will reveal tomorrow

No, it’s not Mr B, although for a couple of minutes today it could have been (won’t bore you). We women all recognise today’s news:-

He has otherwise been a treasure since last week. I had an appointment pre-booked with the GP for Thursday. But thought it’s so stupid going out for an early morning appointment when was sure I just needed was a course of antibiotics. I’m in the same place as last year and then it took 3 months to get a prescription (after going private). So I called and asked if a GP could call me today.

My lovely GP luckily was on ‘phone’ duty.. He insisted I come in and booked me in with the Nurse Practioner. Mr B did the 10 mn walk with me (parking useless there). Was pretty fatigued, but Ok.

And she found I now had an infection on the lung, and fortunately agreed to prescribe the targeted antibiotic that worked last year (2 broad based ones didn’t). So at lunch time I took Day 1 of the 3 day course. I am cautiously optimistic!

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