The end of an Era !!

A bit of a boring shot I'm  sorry about that but it is to mark the end of an era at work. For the past couple of weeks at work we have been taught about a new computer program system. This is down to Jewson rolling out a new computer system some branches are already using it.
The shot I have taken is of the screen on my computer showing the job I would use to book goods out to customers.Tonight the plug is been pulled on the system at our branch in preparation for us going onto the new system on Thursday . The old system I have been using for over 20 years so a bit of a landmark day so I had to take a shot of my screen to mark the occasion  Fingers crossed the new system will make things better for us and be more efficient time will tell  
Been to visit mum back home now  to relax before a possible hectic day tomorrow as been without any computers we will have to book things out manually like the old days with pen and paper. The main problem will be finding prices to charge customers , we do have a big thick pricing book but not the most user friendly.

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