Worked from home today, so that I could go for my first graded exercise therapy session at Denmark Hill.  Had to rush a bit to get there as I was still trying to work and eat lunch at the same time at the point I needed to leave.  Ended up putting my soup in a flask and taking it with me to drink on the train.

The session was fine - it was just an introduction/assessment really.  I've got some 'homework' to do before going back in a couple of weeks - got to read some of the 'manual' they've given me, and complete an activity diary.  Bit dubious about it all, as it seems the NHS is just about the only organisation that think GET is any cop - everyone else, including the ME Association, think it's terrible and should not be used as a treatment.  I'm willing to give it a go though.

Got back home just after 3pm, and carried on with work for a few more hours.  Played a bit of PS4 before Tim got home, then cooked up a big batch of kichari for dinner and many more meals :)

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