Last Day In Costa Rica

This is yesterday's Blip. I am finally home with a computer in front of me. It feels so good to actually see my photos on a big screen; most are so much better than I imagined. I learned so much about how to get a great photo using manual settings; I hope I continue to grow better too.
My last day at the Raddison Hotel In San Jose was mostly spent alone since Debbi and Maura left early in the morning; Anni and Suzanne left for a day's adventure by cab. Hilly and I stayed at the hotel but only saw each other so say goodbye. I wandered around the hotel courtyard looking for a Blip photo; I found so many great birds, including this Tropical King Bird. ( I think I have identified it correctly, but please correct me if I am wrong.) I also saw a parent Kiskadee with two juveniles interacting in such sweet ways; I stayed too long watching them and my room key was unactivated. Thankfully the front desk activated a new key so I could go to my room and get my things so I could get to the airport on time.  :-))  The first leg of my trip home was uneventful, but long; I was glad I had a book to read since I had no computer. I only slept a little bit on the leg from Los Angeles to Portland......I arrived home at 3:00AM!  

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