Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

A Pirate's lair?

Today I treated myself with a trip to a favourite graveyard, the ancient burial ground of St Fergus set among the sand dunes at the edge of the North Sea. Still in use, it contains gravestones from the 18th century, and is surrounded by a high wall and provided with a watch house to keep at bay the 19th century resurrection men seeking fresh cadavers for the University anatomists. 
On t'internet you will occasionally find it described as a 'Pirates' Graveyard" due to some of the old stones being adorned with carved skulls and crossbones. The main photograph shows one such stone. Sadly, they have nothing to do with pirates but are simply reminders of man's mortality. Other symbols reminding us of the inevitable end to our time on Earth are the hour glass and the sexton's spades. Sleep tight!

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