Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Yew 3 - 2 Frames

My 3rd yew shot is giving the game away as to what I'm making this week. 2 yew frames. There;s one of you out there instantly recognised the blip of a frame clamp.

Yesterday was a slow day for me as, unlike the other course students, I brought me own wood and an awkward one at that! However, today, I got on well.  I used the router to cut the rebate on the back for the glass, picture and backing board. Then I turned my attention to the front of the frames and chose router bits for radiusing the internal and external edges of the wood. I mitred my lengths which was nerve-racking because the inside dimensions have to take a print of a given size.

Next came biscuits. No, not biscuits to eat with a cup of tea, perfectly dried-out compressed beech slivers which are inserted into slots cut into the wood. The biscuit swells with the moisture from the glue and forms a stable, glued mitred joint.

So, all that done and two frames are now sitting clamped overnight while the glue dies.

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