Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Yew 4 - Flap Wheel

When I got to the workshop this morning I took my frames out of the clamps and set about sanding them with 3 grades of silicon carbide paper. When I was happy with the smooth finish I oiled them and set them aside.

I had some spare lengths of yew for one more frame, but these bits had some surface defects. This was when I wondered if there was another alternative to the sheet sander. I wanted to get down deeper into the damage, even though it would leave a sunken surface. That wouldn't matter as this frame was to have an irregular shape. I used a drill, first with a solid carbide burr and then with flap wheels. These did the trick.

I rang Kat in the evening to see if she would like this frame used to make a matching mirror and she thought that would be great.

BTW, The Man's celebrating 5 years of blipping. Amazing! Well done, him!

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