What a day

It started off all very well - we went to U3A photographic and KG showed his pictures.  When we go home he said he had pains in his chest so I took him to the health centre.  He went in and I parked the car. He was nowhere to be seen and when I enquired I was taken into the room where he was bing examined  - ECG done and various other test  - the ambulance was called and the paramedics were brilliant  and off we went sometimes with flashing blue lights when the traffic was heavy.
He was lucky and was taken into a ward where they carried out more tests and  asked questions.  About 4.30 they came in and put drips in and were going to move him in a while.  They don't think it was a heart attack but possible angina . He was quite sleepy and really wanted to be alone - so I left him and got a taxi back to the Health Centre where I rescued the car.  Back home and phoned the girls and told them  - they have both offered to have me for the night  but think I prefer my own company at the moment.  After all this not having thing to eat since breakfast and made myself sardines on toast, a banana and a hot cross bun.
MY blip is of the contact details I have and the card from the taxi company that I used
I must admit I didn't expect it to end up like this when I went out this morning
It was a nice day weather-wise.

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