In My Life...

By steeble


Last nights photography class went well. It was more a recap than a lesson. We discussed 'an eye for a photograph'... basically seeing what you want, compositing it right and using the light to your advantage. I'm still quite pleased with how the course is going, only got one Monday and two Tuesdays left.

My tutor told me about a photography display by Reverend Michael Sadgrove(the Dean of Durham) which is currently being shown at the Cathedral. So today I went up for a look and took this picture whilst there. This is the side of the Cathedral that faces the palace green. If you zoom in you can just make out two sculptures on the far towers. The lower one is 'The Dun Cow' which is an old Durham legend and is part of the origins of the name Durham. I'll blip the sculpture in more detail in future and with the legend/history behind it.

Named this blip Tempest after one of the Deftones new songs.

Hope you like....

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