In My Life...

By steeble

Coma White

You know when you leave the house to do something which should take maybe an hour maximum.... then return home about 8 hours later? Thats been my day today. Left the house to go to Tescos to get some fairy lights for the tree. I phoned Sam whilst up that way and seen if she was free as she lives nearby. Called round for a coffee, ended up going to the Metrocentre shopping and had a Frankie and Bennies too.

Got back home and shortly after went out with the camera for a picture. Knew exactly where I wanted a picture and roughly what of as I drove past it last night. Got there and the pic I wanted wasn't possible unless I stood in the middle of the road so I had to adapt a little. So instead of a silhouette of a church bell against the moon, you once again have a dark and slightly Tim Burton like graveyard by moonlight.

Named this blip Coma White after the Marilyn Manson song. He did a gig with Rob Zombie recently but I never went. I should have because I've been into his music since being at school.

Hope you like...

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