Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Happy to say that I don’t have to do that task as our fridge gets cleaned in sections regularly. Yay.

It’s the clean the dust off the top day that I probably need. It’s taller than me so I don’t see the dust so it’s not there, right?!

Yesterday I went as a patient to see one of the physicians I used to work for 21 years ago. I had been with him more than 10 years and stayed with his kids when he & his wife went out of town.

It was like no time had passed. I was so happy to see him. Appointment went well and he confirmed that I was right in my thinking (not my Neurologist!) and so I haven’t lost my G.I. knowledge yet :-)

Did some Christmas goodie shopping with my hubby before heading to my haircut appointment.

Back to having my hair nice and short on top. Yay! I can just run my fingers through it and go. No more messing with the hairdryer. I am so happy.

Got home finally just before 6pm and there was a small packet in the mail for me. I was intrigued as I knew I wasn’t expecting anything.

See extra - Lori, aka LAS, had sent me this nativity pin as she knows I am crazy for nativities. My day just kept getting better!

Since I was just in the door and hadn’t put my quilted vest away yet, the pin immediately went on it. Like Lori said, it’s never too early!

Today is a day of horrible heavy rains. Going to lunch with Birgit and to run a couple of errands. Hope webs don’t grow between my toes!

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