Thirsty cats . . .

. . . drink from many different water sources.  This is Spirit drinking from the creek today.

Spirit followed me as I walked the yard.  I spoke to our new neighbour behind us as he was watering some new hedge plants he had put in along his property line and Runyon's.

Then I put out the food for the squirrels and other critters before heading over to Jim's so I could speak to both his Mom & Dad who were there along with a few other folk, as Jim's second milling machine arrived today.  Lots of activity while it was unloaded and set up in the shop.

As I wandered, I took some B&W shots with my iPhone and I was happy with several, but for blip I like the shot of Spirit best.  I got this as we headed home.  Me back across the bridge and Spirit jumping and then going down the bank for a drink.

I finished a couple of small crafts that needed final touches done this afternoon, while I watched more of "The Time In Between".  There was a good bit of pausing for those times I had to take my eyes off the screen and the subtitles.

Happy Birthday to Skyegirl  Hope you had a wonderful day.

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