A small section of an old tapestry of Stockholm that once hung in Mr Mole’s grandparents’ home. His grandmother pointed out where she worked and how she walked home across the bridge. Nana and Grandpa left Sweden with just the clothes on their backs so we suspect the tapestry was purchased here.

Last night we had a lovely anniversary dinner at Burntwood Tavern. The gracious manager reserved a table for us in a warm and quiet section, then surprised us with two glasses of champagne after we ordered. I drank both since Mr Mole had ordered a beer. No arm twisting was required. I had two tiny tastes of his hot chocolate brownie with raspberry ice cream. Oh it was heavenly!

Freezing rain has been coating the ground since the wee hours this morning, putting the kabash on plans to go out and about. But yesterday was overbooked, so it’s nice to have a lazy day at home.

Yah :)

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