Something, or nothing, to crow about

A brilliant fundraising evening yesterday. Wine, women and wardrobe hosted by a friend raised a fantastic £450 to add to the kiltwalk total and support opportunities for riders with additional support requirements to get on horseback. We all took clothes we know we won't wear again but which still have life in them and tried on new-to-us stuff, giving a donation for anything we took home. As I blip I'm wearing a skirt which caught my eye and when I discovered that it is reversible, ie two skirts, the deal was sealed. In the wardrobe is a top in a colour, pattern and fabric which I'd never buy in a shop but which, even if I say so myself, looks pretty good on. And good to see things I'd brought along going to new homes with happy wearers. So that is something to crow about.

Nothing to crow about. I'm listening to the news. What a completely avoidable mess we're in.

The crow I noticed on my way back from walking the dog. A massive (7 stories!) block of student flats is being built right by the river. It's going to dominate the view once it's completed. The crow was sitting on a big pile of rubble in the building site.

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