By Hanulli

Christmas time ahead

Obviously I can't ignore the upcoming advent and Christmas anymore.
I hurried through several shops, mostly for last minute preparations for J.'s birthday. I was late, because my car has had an uninvited visitor, after P. had forgotten to lock it. What a mess. Nothing was broken or missing.They emptied every storage place, but they even didn't like T.'s pampers, Hahaha.
I fetched T. on her working place - but she wanted to travel with her bus. Perfect, but I would't be at home, so she had to accompagne me to several shops. My blip (the only foto I made today) was in a building site. It was the most ugly Christmas tree you can imagine . The balls were as hugh as footballs and made from  very cheap plastic in every (not matching) colour....
In 40 days the insanity will be over again....

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