Orchid - EB

First of all thank you for all your kind wishes to KG - he appreciates it very much.  Please take this as a thank you to all who commented.  I am shattered and looking forward to my bed  - which won't be far off in coming.
Progress report on KG - he is very cheerful at the moment I think all the tablets are working  but he still need surgery.  It seem that they will be transferring him to the BRI very soon. I was going to catch the bus but my youngest daughter said she would pick me up and take me in.  We arrived about 10.30 and the doctor was there telling him the procedure that was to be carried out.  She had brought a Chess set with her and they played chess for a while and we chatted and she left about 2 ish to pick up her girls.  I caught the 15.50 bus home and got home just after five.  A few more phone calls to  put people in the picture and reply to emails from well wishers.  A quick tea - watched Eggheads  and emergency blip of my orchid as the brain is tired to think of anything else and now I am going to head for my bed  and it is not even 8.00 pm
Another nice mild November day

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