By misswinterfinch

The First Seed Catalog...

... before Thanksgiving and after the first covering snow.
Usually, plant and seed catalogs arrive here in New England right after the New Year.
Pinetree has been a favourite of mine for 40 years of my gardening. They are from New Gloucester, Maine which is a few hundred miles to the  Northeast of me. They only sell non-GMO seeds in small, affordable packets. They specialize in seeds that grow plants for short growing seasons.
I am surprised that the other season known by gardeners as Gardening Dreamtime has already begun.
The two dreams I am ordering from Pinetree are:
Winter Luxury pumpkin that makes the best pies and soups of all the hard squash. An heirloom vegetable, it keeps through our long winters in a cold room. So, the Puritan/pilgrims called its creamy, sweet flesh a "Luxury" when they eat it well into cold winters.
It is one of the vegetables that the native Indians shared long ago.
I will start the seeds indoors to get a head start. I blipped my last Winter Luxury pumpkins a few years ago. I could look them up in this journal and leave a link when I get time.
The other seeds already listed on the order sheet is a Swiss Chard called Seafoam. I have never grown it but according to the description in the catalog, it is the type of chard I love to cook. With dark green, heavy crinkled leaves and thick white stems, it is great for stir-fry or simply steamed.
There we are sitting in a comfortable chair getting next year's garden planted. A gardener's work is never done, eh?

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