Strangers in the night.....

I dragged himself out of bed early today, despite the fact we had no plans.  Nothing needs done except maintenance at the allotment, so we had a day to ourselves. 

So we treated ourselves to breakfast, and the a bimble round town.    We popped into the Travel agents to see if they could find anything for Christmas better than we did, and they did ! yay! 

then we shopped.   We had a bimble around the allotment, pulled some parsnips, and then got some ice cream for the weekend.  How good does "Marscapone and Fig" sound?????

We had some home made soup for dinner, and a cuppa.  And then we went back down into town for a wee bit. 

The sun has been so low all day - it didn't help I had my camera set on a manual setting so my photos looked a bit weird til I realised what I had done. 

I love the way the people are appearing out of the sand like this.  

Mystical and Wonderful 

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