Black Cats And Voodoo Dolls

I spotted this birdie sitting on the sign post from the car park, and I thought, No long lens, I doubt very much I'll get to him before he takes off.    But weirdly he stayed and waited around for me, so I was able to capture him sitting rather superiorly, surveying all he could poop on. 

Today has mostly been about painting,  - I painted pallets, fence panels, stakes, stools, and quite a lot of myself. 

Then i used a powerdrill and set my fence baskets up at jaunty angles, because the carefully balances angles with which we had started weren't working for me. 

Then I took the chain saw (is it a chain saw? )  and massacred the leylandi.   I like this little group of leylandi in the garden, kept tight they have formed a lovely support for the fence (and me when I am precariously balanced.  When we lived in "THE VILLAGE", we purchased leylandis to protect us.  They didn't work. 

I had noted from upstairs that the leylandi was breaking into next doors' garden, so I had to kind of hold and swing my saw thing at the same time.  Himself was very impressed when he came out for a look.  

Himself was mostly working today, from "the home office".  He does all this logging in to work and can do impressive stuff from here, without having to even visit the office. 

Anyways. I did all that, and I made a Number plate for a fellow Allotmenteer  It's not quite as good as ours (i mean, himself did ours), - mines looks like a Primary School kid did it, but hey, the thought that counts!

Thank you all for the loves and favs on my photo yesterday.  I did actually spend today, taking photos with the wrong settings, but nothing turned out quite as nicely as that one. 

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