By HeidiHH


For a few moments the sky was pretty this morning.

As last night went late and I'm not used to eating so late, I slept too little and was up after 6 am. When I woke up I could still feel my stomach from yesterday.

I've been pretty tired so I went around to see Jennifer for a while. And then I went to see Davids. They were still in the ropes at 12, but asked me to get inside. It felt pretty awkward. I would have wanted to ask if they had anything underneath the ropes, but don't feel we are that good friends to ask that kind of questions. :-D

Anyway I saw nothing I shouldn't see, but did see their nice new cabinet that the local carpenter had just fitted in. Very nice and room for David's vinyl collection which is coming from Madrid. I asked what kind of music he likes and he said - to my big surprise - disco! So there will be Earth wind and Fire and all that! Can't wait. It's not often that someone likes Disco openly! My taste is broader than just disco, but do like it too!

In few hours I have to get dressed and go to a friend's house to have drinks. I'm so tired, but perhaps a drink will get me some energy.

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