We had a beautiful sunrise, but I really like this shot of these concrete rings. 

I made 3 sunhats today and transformed an old dress into a new dress and a skirt. 

Biggest news are of Finland today. They finally managed to open a new addition to our Helsinki metro line called Länsimetro after couple of years of delays. The first metro trains left stations (for the new route) bit after 5 am and there were hundreds of people on board some with champagne and other celebratory stuff. Some queued all night to make sure they'll get into the very first train. I have to admit that people getting excited about that 14km addition and making it into an very early morning festival and actually getting up around 4 am to travel the metro line is just ... I don't even have a word for it ... just good clean fun. But also it shows what a boring place Finland is in November when new metro line is this huge. 

Some background info might help you to understand:

"Länsimetro (the Western Metro Extension, Swedish: Västmetron) is an extension of the Helsinki Metro system. The grand opening for the long waited line was held in 18th of November 2017. The line runs from central Helsinki, Finland, to the neighbouring city of Espoo. The new stretch of line extends from the existing Ruoholahti metro station via the island of Lauttasaari, the Aalto University Otaniemi campus, and Tapiola to a new terminus at Matinkylä, and will run completely underground. The second phase of the construction will continue the line to Kivenlahti.

Final approval for a 13.5-kilometre (8.4 mi) route was granted on 4 April 2007, and the construction began in November 2009. In February 2014, rock blasting was complete, and the fitting out of the tunnels and construction of the stations was ongoing. The extension was planned to open on 15 August 2016 but was delayed. On 10 November 2017, HSL announced, that the extension will be opened on 18 November 2017: one year, three months and three days later than it was planned.

The first designs for a metro system in Helsinki, made in the 1950s, already contained lines to Espoo. After the two forks of the metro line in eastern Helsinki had been completed in 1998, the city of Helsinki continued to pursue the Länsimetro proposal, but the city of Espoo continued to reject it until the early 2000s."

Now you might think that Helsinki metro is very complicated after all that. Take a look at the line map here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Helsinki_metro_map_2016.png

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