BoHingles Blips

By BoHingles

I don't normally.....

.....see the same film twice at the cinema, but Bohemian Rhapsody definitely deserved a second viewing. I really hope it does well at the award ceremonies.

Today I collected some furniture that Kath had kindly claimed for us which is going to fit lovely in my man-cave. I also picked up a load of floorboards and skirting board so I can crack on with sorting out the room.

I laid most of the floorboards and cut all the rest ready for install this coming week.

After my day of work Claire, Gemma and myself went out for dinner and to the cinema, the film was as good as the first time I saw it last week.

There must be a new Transformers movie coming out as there was this huge display in the entrance to the cinema...I'll probably give it a miss.

Hope your weekend is going/has gone well.

Mr Bo Hingles

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