First thing this morning cancelled the holiday and contacted the travel insurance - so far so good.  Finished earlier than expected so left home to catch the 9.20 bus.  Stood at the  bus stop and a car tooted - didn't recognise them but it turned out to be Paula my hairdresser - strange how when you see people out of context you don't connect right away - it turned out she was taking her sister to Southmead - so stopped and gave me a lift.  KG was still in the same ward and pleased to see me.  When the doctor came he said it was a waiting game so no news yet.  I  caught the 2.45 bus home as the next one is an hour later and it is dark when I get off the bus. Not  much after I got home - managed to cook myself a meal tonight but the phone kept ringing so it was not that hot when I finished it.
Blip today was the atrium in Southmead Hospital from the 4th floor - they were busy putting up Christmas trees and it looked as though they had children I guess from . a local school singing when my daughter and I went down to gt some coffee.
Definitely cooler today but luckily not too cold when I came home

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