a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Utensils cheek by jowl

Mono Monday: Crowded

One of those fun packed days in the office gave me limited opportunities for a more inventive blip, so here is a still life of some of the kitchen utensils rammed into the cage that normally holds just a few of the key frequently used items.  They make a surprisingly good subject for a still life, as it turns out!

Since arriving home Cathy and I have been sorting out some of the Christmas present buying on Amazon - Cathy bless her, had a stunningly good idea for a present for one particular person.  As it was the individual that we had been really struggling to think of something suitable for, we are now feeling rather pleased with ourselves.  They will probably look at the present when they open it and think "what on earth have you bought me this for?" but for now at least we think we are on to a winner :-))

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