Tiny Tuesday - Tiny Shiny

I was digging around in some boxes in the garage and came across this almost mint condition 2015 Pound coin. 2015 was the last time a round Pound was minted, and in 2017 the twelve sided coin was released, allegedly full of anti-counterfeit tech. This, then, is one of the last of the good-time Pounds, from the time before Britain went wrong.

Shiny round Pounds invoke a particular memory for us. As baby teeth were lost and placed lovingly under the pillow, we told the story of the silver Pounds - so much more valuable than boring old golden Pound coins. I spent so many hours, late at night, rubbing away at each Pound coin with Brasso... and each morning there was a cry of success! the tooth fairy had indeed left a smashing and almost unique shiny silver Pound!

Just over thirteen months ago, round Pounds stopped being legal tender. We're now on post-Brexit coinage. Possibly as a preliminary to having to take the Euro when we seek to re-enter Europe after we finally work it out... But, after all, it's all imaginary money anyway. We may as well imagine tooth fairies.

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