All the Leaves of Brown

leaves of brown......and the sky was grey and it was wet and cold and this was taken through the window. We did manage a walk on the park with Molly before grocery shopping, and it wasn't raining and one in the field with Maddy and Tansy and it was only spitting a bit, then it set in and its never stopped.

I think I am loosing it, lol. I've been on Amazon looking for Christmas gifts recently and put 4 into the wish list or whatever it's called. Last night I looked at the first one again decided it was what I wanted and ordered it. Then at the second one and ordered it, then the 3rd and last the 4th one. They will all come tomorrow when I know I am going to be in all day. Then I realised I had ordered 4 individual items when I could have put them all into the basket and ordered them as one parcel seeing they were all free delivery with Prime. doh what a wally. never mind as long as I get them all.  So now I have got all the Christmas presents sorted (when these ones come) The rest are getting money. I asked Caitlin (12) if she would prefer money because I know she loves to shop for clothes and stuff, and she said yes, so basically my Christmas list is complete. Now to write the cards.

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