By JackyMT

It's (nearly) Christmas

This is our local Hardware and DIY shop, they sell everything and if they haven't got it they will try to get it for you. They sell everything nails, screws, wood, paint, kitchen ware, electrical items, batteries, lighting, gardening stuff, we got a lovely clock from them, and now it's getting to be near the festive season, decorations. Their prices are unbeatable, round here if you want anything it's try Torvilles first. Everyone says:-
 "Always try them first and if they have the item, you can guarantee it is cheaper than anywhere else. The service is always excellent and they are very knowledgeable about DIY. This shop is a treasure to the Kippax area and we would be devastated if it ever disappeared". 
There is even a hairdresser in the back room.

We have all the Christmas flags up in the village too as it's the lights switch on tomorrow, Thursday, 30 years anniversary so a bit special. I did take a couple of pics of the flags but the wind was blowing them too much so will try again later.

Had a quiet day as I've just had 3 busy ones, so it was a couple of dog walks and I did a lot of washing too. All the covers and towels from the car that the dogs have muddied up plus bedding. It's been a dry day but a chilly one.

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