Crusin' For A Bruisin'

Rain on and off all day. I decided to go and sit in the Bittern Hide at Fishers Green. As Ollie dog and I approached it I spotted this swan. I said to Ollie, "Oh look, he's crusin' for a bruisin'." The cob is in threat or attack mode. His wings are arched above his body and his neck is drawn in. He is swimming in bursts of speed as he's using both feet at the same time. Look at his breast bow wave. I think he might be going for his fully-grown cygnets, adult swans do chase them away.

This behaviour is known as busking. I spent ages trying to find out how the term came about. I was delighted when I consulted the Online Etymological Dictionary: "1851, a slang word, defined variously in Mayhew as selling articles or obscene ballads in public houses, playing music on the streets, or performing as a sort of informal stand-up comedy act in pubs, perhaps from an earlier word meaning "to cruise as a pirate" How weird that I had described his behaviour as cruising. :)

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