G12 (EB)

Last minute blip of the old Canon G12 I use when I don't want to be carrying the heavy DSLR.  There is a small scratch on the front element, but it does not appear to affect the image quality.  Back late so a blip the first thing I see job!

After yesterday being less than successful, today was a distinct improvement, if not particularly exciting.  We went to John Lewis in Solihull and bought ... an iron, a fridge for the garage and a  bread maker. All replacements, the iron and fridge we can't really complain about, but the bread maker just needs a new pan.  Sadly, that would be £60 for the pan, £25 for the kneading paddle drive and £15 for a new paddle.  A new machine is not that much more so we decided to go for that instead. I can't say I'm impressed with Panasonic's attitude to spares pricing!

We had a visit from London Camera Exchange at camera club tonight - plenty of new camera bodies, lenses and accessories to try.  I am quite taken on the idea of Benro's filter holder.  It is compatible with Lee filters and has what looks to be an improved mechanism for moving the filters in the holder, and they are held in a thin frame which protects the edges and provides a grip at the top to avoid getting fingerprints onto the filters themselves. Not entirely convinced about the polariser as that would involve buying the Benro version, but overall the adaptor looks to be an improvement on the Lee.

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