secret garden

By freespiral

Lunch al fresco

What a glorious day - kindly laid on to mark 8 years of blipping!! Blippin' 'eck!  Can it really be? What better way to contemplate all this than head for the hills and do a mighty walk. Everywhere was so still and had a blue and russett tinge. We saw two trig points, several cairns, a ruined homestead, a hawthorn tree laden with red berries, a fox, two black cats, several small boats below in the sea, a line of cows walking down to a grassy headland, swarms of midges, blond grasses, red bogs, a Scotswoman walking and two Sheep's Head Way blokes painting things yellow. In homage to Jeano (who's currently confined inside due to bad weather), here is the lunchtime view complete with lunch. Hard to stay seated long for the midges were at me. See extra for a larger view and spot of levitating. 

Thanks so much for everyone who still swings by and continues to make this site a haven in an increasingly bonkers world.

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