Christmas podcast

What fun!
My friend Phil Marriott and his boyfriend Jeremy came over today, Phil and I have made 27 episodes of what we called PMKE Podcast, (the letters stand for our names).
We haven’t made one for over a year and it was so good to get back together again and another one, it will be released in two parts probably on December 10 and December 17.
Stewie was able to pop over lunchtime and the lovely Emma spoilt us all by making delicious wraps with roasted veg and providing cheese including vegan cheese that Phil could eat.
Phil made delicious vegan mince pies, apparently only ingredients in the pastry are coconut cream and flour!
Max did a great photo shoot with us all.
Copious amounts of sherry were consumed.
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
I went out for a walk in the evening, I made it down to the misty river at Teddington Lock, it was actually really nice walking at night, quite peaceful.

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