You Are My Sunshine X Elebenty!

And then the mercury dropped . . . and dropped! By dawn on Thanksgiving day, all around the state of Pennsylvania, temperatures fell into the teens. In a few places, it dropped into the single digits. (And we're talking degrees Fahrenheit, of course.) I bet we set a few records.

When I opened the curtains in the bedroom in the morning, the window condensation was some of the best I've seen so far. Much to my glee, the sun, that pillar of distant fire, was reflected in every single droplet. :-)

There are two songs to accompany this image: Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, with You Are My Sunshine; and the Statler Brothers, with Do You Know You Are My Sunshine. Stay warm, my friends!

A note about elebenty: You may recall that Bilbo Baggins celebrated his eleventy-first (111st) birthday in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Likewise, the Internet slang word elebenty, a derivative of this word, means lots and lots!

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