There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Sister Golden Hair

Snow squalls were in the forecast for the afternoon, and I decided to take the bus to work instead of driving. I do love snow, but I don't love driving in it. The bus is a great option, one I am thankful for every time the weather takes a wintry turn.

I decided I'd treat myself to a quick, hot breakfast at the Corner Room, and so I did that. I got off my bus at the corner of College and Allen, snapped a few photos in that vicinity (including shots of the big Christmas tree that now stands, lit, at the University gates). And then went in and had my lovely breakfast.

As I was walking up through campus after that to catch the bus over to our offices off-campus, I swung by the duck pond to take in some favorite scenes. And suddenly I realized I was not alone; I looked up and saw a gorgeous Cooper's hawk surveying its kingdom. It's Thanksgiving week and campus is deserted; while the kids are away, the hawks will play! You may see a photo of that bird in the extras.

And then I went in to the office and had my work day. And finally it was time to come back to campus and catch my bus to home. I managed to spend 20 minutes or so at the Palmer Museum, taking in two new exhibits and briefly visiting the adorable gift shop. (You might be surprised to learn how much a girl like me can fit into a mere 20 minutes. Although, then again, maybe you wouldn't be!)

There are some beautiful things at the Palmer that I will need to go back and see again, and then I'll post a photo or two from the exhibits. I am still thinking about what I think of those exhibits; maybe by then, I'll know what to say. Also, there are a few items from the gift shop that may need to come home with me. You know how that goes. :-)

And as I finally sat inside the library (for it was very cold outside and I hadn't worn quite enough layers to suit the dropping mercury, silly me) looking out the window, waiting for my bus, I saw a hawk fly past, right over the library. I briefly wondered if it was the SAME hawk I'd seen in the morning; and laughed to think that the two of us were clocking in and clocking out at roughly the same time!

It was hard to select my photos for this day, for I saw and did so many wonderful things. But I decided on this pretty tree and the hawk, two very special sights. This tree is just amazing, and you can almost see Old Main through it. It creates its own beautiful, golden world; I must remember that. And a friend commented that it reminded her of a woman, patting her hair. (See her "arm" raised, on the left?) Yes, I can see that too. . . .

So let's let the song to accompany this story be America, with Sister Golden Hair.

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