There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

I Am Not Tamed, Said the Fox

 It was my first time back to the Arboretum gardens after last week's winter storm, and of course, I was hoping to get some snow photos. This view looking into Childhood's Gate features the Glass House in the back left, snow and golden grasses in the middle, and the figure of a fox on the near right; one of several very cool critters who "live" at the children's garden.

This fox always reminds me of that wonderful character from the tale of The Little Prince. "I cannot play with you," the fox said; "I am not tamed." And so begins the charming relationship between the fox and the little prince.

I won't tell you all of that story; you may read it here yourself. But I'll quote just one more line from it. A little wisdom from the fox: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Wild? Tamed? Only the fox knows for sure. Here's a song for those who want to keep things wild: Asia, with Wildest Dreams.

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