When Autumn and Winter Collide

We had a major winter storm last week that dumped a foot of snow on central Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, the snow began to melt, and on Monday morning, there was a delicious snow fog that made everything look misty and magical.

I made several quick stops on my drive in to work to capture the mist. One of the things on the forefront of my mind was how lovely the last of the autumn colors might look on the tree row beside the Arboretum, against the misty snow. So that was my final stop.

For just a quick, few-minute photo shoot, I parked my car at the end of Hartswick Avenue nearest the Arboretum. I turned and looked back the street, and my view seemed to me to be a pretty combination of autumn leaves and winter snow; what happens when two seasons collide!

Alas, I didn't get the shots I wanted of the tree row because there were several pieces of heavy equipment, including a crane, and multiple men, working on trimming the trees. I hope they're not cutting down any of them, but I fear they may be; I feel very protective about "my" trees!

In spite of the disruption, I did manage a few shots looking from the tree row toward the Arboretum. You may see one of those shots in the extras. There is the white of snow, but there are also some pretty colors still on the trees. For myself, I'm doubly blessed, at the intersection of two of my favorite seasons!

The soundtrack to accompany these two images is Sandy Denny, with the tune Late November. You may recognize her voice; she is the woman who famously duetted with Robert Plant on the Battle of Evermore on the 1971 album Led Zeppelin IV, also known as ZoSo or the Runes album.

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