The Old Churchyard

Come, come with me to the old churchyard
I so well know these paths 'neath the soft green sward
Friends slumber in there that we want to regard
We will trace out their names in the old churchyard

It was a day that included a dentist appointment and a lunch date with friends, both in Boalsburg or thereabouts. I had a few minutes to spare in between, and so I parked my car and walked through one of the prettiest cemeteries I know of.

There are two churches there, the Zion Lutheran Church and St. John's United Church of Christ. This is a photo of the latter of the two. As I was walking back to my car, I took a few photos just because I liked the way it looked! (I boosted the color saturation to help make it look a bit like an Americana sort of folk painting.)

A song for a churchyard in November: the Wailin' Jennys, with Old Churchyard.

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