Bridge 103

Thank you for all the stars and hearts for my 4th blip anniversary yesterday. It is great to know I have so many blip friends out there and I really appreciate everyone looking at my journal and love reading your comments.

It has been a grey, featureless day today so after the excitement of yesterday's blip I decided to go for a simple shot and add to the bridge series. This is bridge 103 known as Wardle Hall Bridge. I'm guessing that there used to be an attractive bridge leading to the hall but it is now the Boughey Distribution Centre and a base for North West Farmers so there is a constant stream of lorries crossing. Any old bridge would have needed replacing and strengthening so it is now a functional concrete bridge and in dull weather conditions I though this looked best in mono. It still isn't very interesting but it looks much better like this than in washed-out colour.

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