Trying to find Colour

on a dreich day....

Is it just me or is Commercialism more than ever this Christmas??  Visited the supermarket really early today and already it was crowded with kids screaming 'I want this, that...the other'!  Sad that all thought of the real meaning of Christmas seems to be far away from most people's minds....its all Xmas or Crimbo (cringemo!!!) these days....  (sorry if this upsets anyone, its just my opinion)

I was going to go to a National Trust place but the weather has been so dire today, I didn't!

So home to my Girl (see extra - watching the birds now I've filled the feeders up!) with a small present of another scratching post for her, and we've done very little except I've made some lovely Sweetcorn Chowder which I haven't had before :)

Strictly and Casualty tonight :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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