Do Not...

We are spending a few days in Kolkata as privileged Western tourists before I start my street photography workshop on Monday.

Today after an afternoon snooze (we got virtually no sleep on the flight)
we went out to visit the Indian Museum, which is only a short walk from our hotel.  This is a very large museum in a glorious but somewhat dilapidated colonaded Italianate building which, I gather, originated in 1847.  The museum contains an eclectic mix of displays, including natural history, art, pottery and geology.  Some of the displays are fairly modern and attractive - even if the rooms containing them haven't been decorated or even cleaned for years.  Many of the displays, however, like this gallery of mineral samples, are in dusty old cabinets with little explanatory or educational material, in galleries which look like they should be the "behind the scenes" storage rather than open to the public.  All in all, a fascinating visit, worth it to see the wonderful old building in its faded glory as much as anything else.

Afterwards we had tea and cake in a fine tearoom before returning to the hotel to enjoy a large and excellent meal outside by the hotel pool.

There are many instructional signs all around the city advising you of things you must not do......

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