... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Another Sneakin' Nēnē

Snēnēakier in large.
Silty-beaked oily emperor

No resisting today... I like this characteristic (furtive) approaching posture of theirs (displayed by another individual in a previous blip from WWT Arundel); it is simultaneously sweet and slightly menacing, and they tremble their ruched neck feathers as they do it which is weird and adorable.

Went to Brixton Village in the morning (long time, no Federation coffee), and had mixed feelings about the anatomically incorrect chameleon Christmas decorations. I photographed colours, and shutter graffiti would have been my blip ("POW"), had we not decided to visit the Wetland Centre in the afternoon...

It was cold and grey at WWT London, but still nice to see the Bewick's swans, Hawaiian geese, magpie geeseLaysan ducksblack spur-winged geese, and emperor geese). The nēnēs were in their usual enclosure (where they were meant to be, for a change) but were being pretty snoozy, even when an interloper magpie goose got a bit close... 
There were also new white-fronted geese with the emperors, barnacle geese, and red-breasted geese, so it was nice to meet them.

Today's others are all here (AM right from Tulip portrait; PM right from Bewick's swan portrait)

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