By mindful_life

Abstract Thursday - Togetherness AT178

I am back blipping this as I never got chance on Thursday so I know I may be a little late!! 

My husband was working from home today so it gave me a window to practice our Christmas duets with my friend Vicky. We rehearsed for 2 hours and it was so much fun AND productive! We changed some of the music because we thought it made them sound better (why else would we change it) so I have a bit of homework to do in re-writing it on manuscript paper.  I am sure there must be apps or programming websites to do this kind of thing on but I really don't know so I will end up doing it by hand!

I thought my photo of my cello fit the optional theme because the sound of music and the harmonies do represent togetherness - a wrong note is easily spotted in a duet!! We are both looking forward to performing in a few weeks time and it felt sooooo good to have some time for myself doing something I love!!! 

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