Subtropical downpour

Woke to a grey morning. And a forecast that included thunder storms and heavy rain. Consequently we opted to stay in Auckland, rather than head north for what would up only being a few hours.. Late morning the weather gods tried to trick us. And succeeded in part, in that I put the drying rack of shirts and socks etc (for the coming week) out on the deck.

Was just settling for lunch when the rain began. I was bale to get the rack inside before the swirling wind had dowsed all the clothes. Became aware of what sounded a like a waterfall in the atrium, on the other side of the apartment. I'm pleased that I am able to show the deluge coming almost straight. down. 

Interestingly the swirling wind blew the rain into the north west facing doors onto the deck, and under the front door of the apartment which faces directly opposite. Makes sens of why I so often have a head wind whichever way I am cycling; to the hospital or back to the apartment.

A comment here which is based on my obsessionality, and ppatrick's response to my 8x365 a few days ago. Given that a birthday is always celebrated on the day one was born (except for those in the 1/1,461th of the population who are born on 29 February every four years), it has always seemed to me that my Blipbirthday as it is often called should be on 25 November. 

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