By CanCarrier

Yarn bombing

This is on a bollard at the bottom of Dundas Street. 

I got up late and did some house work (both the heating and the hot water are still working, so I gave the kitchen a scrub). 

Then I ran a couple of errands and then went for a wander round the charity shops in Stockbridge. 

Tell me, does anyone else feel that the alcohol minimum pricing law has perhaps backfired? That a proportion of the tossers and dossers have moved from no longer cheap drink to drugs? 

In the last couple of weeks I feel that I have seen a higher than usual number of blatantly high/wasted people, usually clothed in army surplus, usually looking ill and usually in the middle of either a song, or a shouting match, or just displaying a portrait of misery? 

A young woman, sitting on the steps at Salmond Place, threatened to thump me if I came near her (I was merely walking passed). A couple of young men stumbled down Leith Street their hands over their heads shouting the words to a song, at 8am in morning. A man with a filthy coat and a grey face walked into Sainsbury's to be stopped by the security guard and told to leave because he was barred. He reply was only semi-coherant and mostly unrepeatable. 

Perhaps I am over sensitive. 

Or perhaps it is a knock-on effect. 

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