By CanCarrier


I was very lucky. K is volunteering at the Botanics and was able to get tickets for the light show. 

We had a lovely time wandering the well marked paths, listening the well chosen music and resisting the food stalls. 

Churros, hot dogs, marshmallows and mulled wine are on offer. 

There is a side amusement where you can pick up a postcard and then collect all the highly educational stamps distributed round the gardens. 

Santa puts on a show but the reindeer don't really make an appearance. 

Although I have posted the arch I think my favourite stop is the Squid soup. Walking through ropes of suspended lights as they change colour to atmospheric music was lovely. 

Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable evening. 

I even added a torch/keyring to CanCarrier's Lost and Found Emporium. 

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